My name is Carlos and I’ve always loved cooking ever since I was a child. I remember helping in the Kitchen at home from a very young age and by the time I was 12 I could do a pretty decent dish.


During my teenage years I focused mostly on trying to replicate the desserts from my favourite local restaurants, sometimes with better results than others… But my passion for cooking only fully blossomed when I moved to the UK ten years ago and I found myself missing and trying to replicate mum’s home cooking (this website owes a lot to her… by the way, thanks mum).


Me, in search for the the secret of the Pastel de Nata...

Me, in search for the the secret of the Pastel de Nata…

The idea behind Portuguese Soul Kitchen started to take shape when I was telling my friends about my cooking adventures. I would often be asked “what’s Portuguese food like?” Some would also add “a lot of fish I suppose?” It is indeed true that the Portuguese love and eat a lot of fish and I’m one of those Portuguese myself, but having to adapt to the UK and the high cost of fresh fish I soon found myself cooking a great variety of Portuguese dishes. It was because of this that I wanted to take my passion for Portuguese cooking and show people what my country’s cuisine had to offer.


Hope you enjoy the food!